Online Cloud Accounting

We are passionate about the modern breed of cloud and online accounting systems.

Thankfully the days of being stuck with hard to use software, dinosaurs such as Sage Desktop are over. No longer do you have to cobble together clunky spreadsheets often full or errors.

The major advantages are that your data is automatically backed up “in the cloud” to prevent loss of data, the systems are automatically updated with enhancements so you don’t have to install the latest version on your PC, they can be accessed by any browser anywhere, so you can update your bookkeeping wherever you are, and most importantly, you and your accountant can work on the figures at the same time.

There is a wide range of new cloud, online systems. We’ve adopted three of the major players in the marketplace, being Quickbooks, Freeagent and Xero as our standard recommendations depending on the client’s needs although we also work with others such as Sage, Kashflow and Clearbooks.

Often the published monthly fees look quite expensive, but don’t worry about that. As an accountant, we can often get them for our clients at discounted prices. Not only that, using proper software correctly will usually mean less work for your accountant, so your accountancy fees may be lower.

Contact us for more details of how online cloud bookkeeping can help you.